Monday, February 2, 2009

Welcome to My Life on the T

Hello Readers!

Welcome to my brand new blog documenting my life as a T rider. I find myself spending a lot of time on the T between my commute to work, and the absence of a car in my life. I have found in my almost 3 years living in Boston that riding the T is unpredictable and sometimes downright absurd. Because of this, I think it would be an excellent subject to blog about.

My commute to work is as follows: I take the Red Line from Davis Square to Park Street, and pick up the Green Line two stops to Arlington Street. While it is not the longest/most painful commute out there, it does force me to spend enough time on the T for me to become somewhat insightful and opinionated on the subject.

Happy Reading!


Eric Pierce said...

It's funny. You're writing voice isn't anything like your speaking voice. I like it. :)


Which is not to say I don't like your spoken voice... dammit... That came out wrong.><

R. Krunkleton said...

Dude, this is awesome. :)